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Mobile App doesn't allow Gross 18 holes to be entered?

I tried to enter a gross 18 hole score using the mobile app and it seemed to only allow hole-by-hole entry. Am I missing something?

The mobile app wants to apply the ESC to your score, so it can be used to calculate your handicap.  That's why it needs the hole-by-hole information.

Plus, your local administrator has the option of choosing how the scores can be entered. (Hole-by-hole, AGS or both)



I am the local administrator, & with the mobile app you cannot choose how to enter scores. Only hole by hole. Am I missing something?

After logging in to the mobile app, you have the option to continue using the mobile app or switch to the Desktop version. (Button near bottom of screen)

Choosing the Desktop version will allow your players to enter their total score.

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