Tap on the scores icon from the main menu to access golfer scores.

All player scores are listed chronologically with most current scores at the top.

  • Use your scroll feature to view all of your adjusted scores.
  • Scores marked with a T are tournament scores.
  • Scores marked with a C are combined scores (two sequential 9-hole scores).
  • Note: Click on the link for more information on USGA score nomenclature.
  • Scores highlighted in yellow are used in the handicap calculation. 
  • These scores are also indicated as being used in the handicap calculation formula by placing the word "used" in parentheses.

Tapping any adjusted score provides the golfer with an explanation of the adjusted gross score, equitable stroke control, and the equation for calculating a differential. The differential is used in the handicap calculation. 

Please click on the following links for more information regarding handicapping and why the differential does not always equal your handicap.