Individual golfer scores are entered by tapping on the Play Golf icon from the main menu.

1.  Select the date for the round by tapping on the date buttons and scrolling. Tap Next to accept. 

  • Notice the More button is featured on every screen of the Play Golf Section.

  • The More button provides the golfer three (3) shortcuts.
    • Go Home
    • End Play
    • Cancel

2.  Selecting the Next button advances the golfer to the choice of 9-hole or 18-hole round. Select the round to be played and tap the Next button.

  • For those golfers playing 27 or 36 holes, enter the scores as separate rounds in 9 and 18-hole combinations.

3. Player courses are listed alphabetically based on your GolfSoftware (online) favorites. 

  • Note: Once a golf score is saved, the course will be added to your favorites.

4.  Tap on the name of a course or use the SEARCH button to locate a course. 

  • Search by course name, city, or state. (You do not need all three (3) fields of data)
  • Note the GPS course locator functionality. Tap / swipe / pinch to zoom in & out.
  • Note the auto dial mobile service feature. Tap on the name of the course and phone number to access this feature. 

5. Tap the Next button to move to the "select your Tee" page. Tap the Tee you are using, then tap the Next button.

  • Note: the course and date are displayed at the bottom of the page for quick reference.

6. The golfer selects whether the score will be a tournament score or a regular score by tapping on the selection. Then tap the Next button.

  • Note: Tournament scores are marked with a "T".
  • Note: Click the link for more information on USGA score nomenclature.
  • Note: Course selection, date and tee are displayed at bottom of screen.

7. Begin entering hole-by-hole scores using the (+) and (-) buttons in concert with the Next button.

  • Note: The mobile service accepts hole-by hole scores only.
  • Note: The More Button offers additional options such as:
    • Map: GPS location of course.
    • Home: takes player to main screen.
    • End play and discard changes: your score will not be saved.
    • Course information incorrect: an email link to request course information changes. These course information changes will affect the global database and therefore should be specific to ratings, slope, tees, handicap, par, name, address.
    • Cancel: clears the More button then golfer can continue entering scores.

8. Finish / Save work Screen - After all hole scores have been entered, the golfer taps Finish button to save detail.

  • You can view your score card by clicking on the Card button.
  • The Score Card button provides: Tee, Par, Handicap, Score, Adjusted Score, Net Score.
  • Tapping the Finish button updates Handicap System (online).