1.  Golfer handicap information is accessed by tapping on the Handicap Icon from the home page.

  • Note: The effective date shown underneath the Golfer USGA Index is the date of the most recent handicap calculation.
  • Note: Handicap calculations are performed in Handicap System (online) per defined parameters set by golfer administrators.
  • Note: Scroll down to access golfer favorite specific course/tee handicap information.

2.  Tapping on the Card button shows the golfers handicap cards and scores.
  • Note: Golf scores are listed under the Scores Icon and only reflected on the Handicap Card when the handicap is calculated.
  • Note: Asterisks on the card indicate scores used in the handicap calculation.
  • Note: "C" is two (2) 9-hole courses combined into one (1) 18-hole course.
  • Note: Access this link for additional information regarding USGA score nomenclature.

3. Tapping on the Chart button will open a slope chart.  

  • Note: The purpose of the slope chart is to convert the USGA golfer specific index to a course handicap. Rather than consulting the charts/ books at the course, you have the data here in your mobile device. Scroll down to find the course slope, the number to the right is the handicap based on the golfer index. 
  • For Example: A player with an USGA index of 12.1, playing a course with a slope of 61 will have a 7 handicap.