1.  Player rosters are located under the Players Icon. From the main menu, tap on the Players Icon.

2.  Select the Player Roster from the list of available rosters by tapping on the desired roster.

3.  Tap on the roster to access all player names.

  • Note: Player information is in alphabetical order.
  • Note: Alternatively, tap on the last letter of the player last name to search.

4.  Player specific detail is accessed. This includes contact information, handicap card, golfer course / tee specific handicaps, and golfer scores (scroll down).

5. Tap the Contact button to access player contact information including address, phone, email.
  • Note:  Tap the phone number or email address for auto-dial auto-email functionality. 

6. Player Handicap Card

  • Note: Golf scores are listed under the Scores Icon and only reflected on the Handicap Card when the handicap is calculated. Remember, your handicap is calculated in Handicap System (online) according to parameters loaded by your administrator. (I.e. 1st & 15th of month or custom handicap)
  • Note: Asterisks on the card indicate scores used in the handicap calculation.
  • Note: "C" is two (2) 9-hole courses combined into one (1) 18-hole course.
  • Note: Access this link for more information on USGA score nomenclature.

7.  Golfer favorites (course / tee handicaps and slopes) are already built into Handicap System Players Web App through the Players button as well as through the Handicaps button.

  • Note: Tap on the handicaps button to access golfer specific data.

8.  18-hole and 9-hole scores can be viewed by scrolling down the screen on your mobile device.

  • Note: Recent scores are reflected on the handicap card when the handicaps are calculated.
  • Note: Handicaps are calculated in the Handicap System (online) software system according to administrator set parameters; most often the 1st and 15th of the month.
  • Note: See also how to interpret my golf scores.