Instead of carrying a Handicap Card in your wallet and having to remember to have the card updated at the club, Handicap System Players Web App has a built in golfer specific handicap card.

Access the Handicap Card by tapping on the Handicap Icon from the Main Menu.

The Handicap Icon opens to the Player Screen featuring the Card Button.

 Tapping the Card button reveals the golfer handicap card.

  • Note: Golf scores are listed under the Scores Icon and only reflect on the Handicap Card when the handicap is calculated.
  • Note: Handicaps are calculated in Handicap System (online) based on administrator-defined time frames. (I.e: 1st and 15th of month)
  • Note: Asterisks on the card indicate scores used in the handicap calculation.
  • Note: "C" is two (2) 9-hole courses combined into one (1) 18-hole course.
  • Note: Access this link for more information on USGA card nomenclature.
  • Note: Effective Date is the date of the most recent handicap calculation.